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  1. wow, i was a little bewildered while reading this because it’s so different from my experiences/observations.  i hung out with several missionary families in japan (i lived with one family for a year and stayed with another for several weeks) & have a bunch of missionary friends serving in thailand, brazil, and elsewhere.  they’ve all done a wonderful job of extending God’s kingdom as well as raising their children.  it seems to me that sometimes God uses the children to open the doors to establishing & building relationships for people that might not necessarily go up to a (foreign) adult by him/her-self or with people that have similar-aged children, etc.  it is possible to have children and be involved in ministry.  of course the kids are gonna end up messed up if they’re viewed as a hindrance to their mom’s work and see themselves as being ‘in the way.’  it’s easy to be overprotective of children and to want to shield them from pain, suffering, etc.  children are like arrows in your quiver that need to be shot out – they’ll often have better language skills, cultural sensitivities, and a farther reach than their parents, when equipped to do so.
    also about the language thing…for some reason, i thought that girls generally had better  (foreign)language skills than guys.  like esl students tend to be female (the ones i’ve seen in japan & hawaii) and they generally do better than the guys.  most of the interpreters/ multilingual people that i know are women.  i LOVE foreign languages and can’t imagine going off into the mission field without having some command of the country’s language.  but yah, that (the ability to communicate -be it a foreign language or not), hospitality, and relationship-building…  i would think that those things are a given when you’re a missionary…it actually applies to EVERYONE —their ‘mission field’ can be their workplace, school, or community and does not necessarily have to be in a land far away.
    welcome to the pdlsuxblogring =)  i didn’t think we’d find pastors in it…  your posts are interesting – the topics are so random.  i liked your nouwen post – always wanted to check him out…

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