My New Office

I’ve expanded my office space from my humble garage to the grand Cafe at Borders at the Union Landing.  I’ll be here most days.  I’ve moved here for a few reasons:

1.  It helps me to work when I’m around other people, even if I’m not working with them.
2.  It helps me be more diligent when I’m not around all my books, TV, fridge, or bed.  Wait, I’m at a bookstore…ok, no TV, no fridge, no bed.
3.  It’s a good excuse to get a T-Mobile Hot Spot account .
4.  With the deep belief that I am a missionary, it makes more sense that I spend more time in public areas, and Union Landing, frankly, is where everyone in the Ardenwood area hangs out.  I don’t know what will unfold here–will I get to know the regulars that hang out here?  or will I just get used to seeing what sort of people are in the area?  or just get used to breathing the same air as all the Ardenwoodians?  In any case, being the pastor of a Christian church and a student of a Christian grad school…I don’t exactly run into non-Christians regularly unless I’m intentional about it.
5.  Hey, it’s better than the men’s restroom at a diner…

Soo…come by and visit me if you’re in the area.  I’m always available to just chat, or for some prayer and counseling (we can go off to a more private area if necessary), or you can do some work here too (remember, T-Mobile Hot Spot).  Call me on my cell or look me up on AIM to find out if I’m in or not.

Just for fun, there’s a cute little boy reading to his daddy on my right.  There are two nerdy boys in front of me that are negotiating in a rather hard-nosed fashion with the Magic cards, a group of women gossipping next to them, an old man reading to my left, and a few people studying at other tables.

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