I’m in one of my classes on marriage right now.  It’s kinda sickening, disturbing, boring.  I am basically being a taught a version of “healthy” marriage that, quite frankly, is an American Christian version.  Unfortunately, it is being taught as Gospel, and even justified by Scripture.  This class is so anachronistic, it just makes me roll my eyes…and my professor is completely clueless…

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that the Gospel is revealed in culture in different ways, but when there is so much bashing of other cultures without even any understanding that it is so naive and arrogant.

But you know, I listen to people at church talk, I listen to myself talk, and we’re all not much different.  We preach liberalism with the Bible in our hand.  We preach democracy, independence, equality, individuality, all this stuff, honestly believing that we are God’s mouthpieces. 

It’s sickening.  Or is it boring?

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  1. what’s anachronistic?  interesting that you bring up the cultural slant on Christian views.  i don’t think it’s boring, or sickening, but it’s as you say, naive, and perhaps lacking in wisdom?  our views on stuff are largely shaped by our experiences, and our culture is a large part of our life experience.  we (you, me, and probably most of your xanga audience) are in a unique situation though, having grown up in bi-cultural surroundings.  what does this mean?  hm… i don’t know, but it at the very least makes us more aware when others are viewing the Gospel through cultural filters.

  2. When I say “American Christian version” of marriage, I mean a version of marriage that assumes that everyone is living in America, within the socio-cultural context of America, buys into the American worldview, etc.  This version has no concept of close knit extended families, different ideas of love and leisure, and that “dysfunctional” can sometimes mean “different”.
    “Anachronistic” means without the perspective that we are speaking within a specific period in history…or that we naively assume that all of human history throughout all time has thought in the same categories, bought into the same values, lived the same sort of life we have lived…which is obviously false.

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