Sick of it

I’ve reached the point (a while ago) where I’m sick of all this talk of the emergent church, postmodern generation crap popularized by Christian talking heads looking to increase book sales and repackage Church to people who are bored.

Do I think that there is an emerging movement within evangelicalism?  Yes.  Do I believe that we have been witnessing the emergence of a postmodern era?  Yes.  But most of the crap that is out there is just a new-and-improved version of what we’ve been seeing.  Church-in-a-box.  If you can somehow use the words journey, beauty, spiritual and tack on candles and gaudy Christian art, you’re reaching to those postmodern kids.

Wait a minute…that sounds an awful lot like what you’re doing at sixth home, Brian.

I know, and I’m embarrassed.

But let me explain.  What’s going on at church often lags behind what is going on within me, and that’s a good thing.  As a pastor, I can’t subject the church to every new-fangled thing that works its way into my twisted mind.  It creates chaos, instability, and it is just plain irresponsible.  I need to give space and time between what’s entertaining my heart and mind and what is implemented at church.  The church is not my playground, my laboratory–it is the saved people of God, the body of Christ.

In any case, I’ve grown disillusioned by the emergent movement because after attending only a few events, reading a few books, I see that it suffers from the ills of celebrity, packaged religious programming, regurgitating key words, etc. etc. etc.  It’s sick.

I happen to be friends with one of the leaders of the movement, and he’s cool…it’s not the leaders, but the popularizers, the publishers, music labels, websites, etc.

And I look around me and it’s all the rage.  All the big churches now have these candle-lit, artist-driven services.  They all gather around Christian artifacts and chant, “Oooohhh…postmodern.”  All the books I’m reading are painting with very broad strokes, caricaturized versions of the postmodern man.

You know what.  I am a postmodern man.  And I’m not that exotic.

Alan Roxburg was right.  We need to quit being so intrigued with how to hold church services in a postmodern era.  The church, us, me, we need to quit being so obsessed with talking about ourselves and start talking–not about–but with other people, get into their shoes, their skin.  Let’s go back to those good ‘ol missionary days (there are none, I’m just kidding) and remember the power of being incarnational.  Jesus became human, but never lost his divinity.  Maybe I can enter the suburban quasi-postmodern jungle, but never leave the new creation.  How unromantically Jesus.

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  1. I think most of the emergent church talk is fluff. I agree that we are living in an age where postmodernity affects how we hear/understand the gospel, but a lot of the pomo talk seems like just another trendy new packaging. That bugs me.Also, it bugs me that so many of the ‘leaders’ in the emergent church are white males in their 40’s. I mean…what the hell? Postmodernism? Affirming other voices? Why are the primary voices coming from the same sector?I realize they are people who are changing and calling for change, but please! Can’t we hear from the ladies? And where are the black people? Just my thoughts.

  2. Amen.  I’m a Chinese male, 25 yrs old.  I’m way too inexperienced and immature to be a beacon voice, but, it’d be cool to see some diversity, not for simple diversity’s sake, but also for nuance.

  3. Man… i totally agree. I’m tired of all of this stuff too. A question hit me a few weeks ago. Why the hell am I using all these candles in church? cause i like fire? A lot of this stuff is just the seeker sensitive stuff flipped turned upside down…. the not so sensitive to seekers “method”. Tired of looking out for answers… looking in my church now for answers… looking at the people man… it’s a heck of a lot better.

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