I Hate Bugs

I’m embarrassed.  God created bugs, even bugs that bite.  He said that they were good.  But I hate ’em anyways.

I just came back from the D.R. (Dominican Republic).  We did a bunch of stuff, but what sticks out the most is my very unpleasant experience of being biten by some sort of blood-sucking bug–over 50 times!  I am not exaggerating.

I don’t know if it is because of the sort of bug that bit me, but it kept me in perpetual discomfort, I mean constant burning and itching all over my legs and arms.  This happened on the first night of our vacation.  I could barely sleep, I was in a pissy mood.  It was really terrible.

Even right now, I still have the bites.  It doesn’t burn nearly as much, but, hey, at least it’s getting better.

Anyways, aside from being bitten by bugs…

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, the Marien Coral by Hilton.  It was pretty nice.  All the food, drinks, sports facilities, and room were packaged together for less than $100 / night for two people.  Pretty good.  This all-inclusive thing was actually pretty convenient.  First of all, it severely limited my father’s ability to put up his Chinatown-radar since all the food was already there (there is no Chinatown in the D.R.).  The food was actually decent:  lamb, goat, prime rib, pork ribs, cook-to-order pasta, cook-to-order omelettes, other stuff.  And everything being there made things much more relaxing.  None of this “what are we gonna do, where are we gonna eat” because everything is right there:  the restaurants, the pool, the bball courts, vball courts, the room, the minigolf, everything.  It made things much more relaxing and involved significantly less brain-work.

On our last night, we ended up at some really run down resort however…since it was closer to the airport…eeewww…we had sporadic blackouts, the fruit was covered with bugs, the pool was infested with miscellaneous plant material and used cups/napkins/plates, and the faucet water was salty (none of the D.R. water is potable, but this one tasted like it was straight from the ocean!).  Needless to say, we stayed in our rooms, watched the only English channel, CNN, and popped some Benadryl to help us make it till morning.

The one fun escapade was the safari.  We went to all these stupid places where they showed us how how they made coffee, cocoa, and stuff like that.  Frankly, I think it was all tourist bunk, especially since each destination ended with some great opportunity to buy overpriced merchandise “to help the little kids buy uniforms.”  B.S.  Anyhow, it all ended with this hike up a few waterfalls…that was FUN.  We went up 6 small water falls, swimming from water fall to water fall.  The water was really clean, slightly rough, and very enjoyable.

Well, that’s the tourist account of the trip.  I could go into the sociological account, but may not.

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