Yay.  Clean.

I spent about an hour or two cleaning up my garage (a.k.a. “office) today.  Feels goooood.

I don’t know what it is about having a clean and organized space.  I feel like I’m not productive if I’m in a messy area.  “Funny, Brian.  Everything you touch gets messy.”  Okay, you got me there.

Interesting though, how our environment can affect us so much.  It’s funny, because as Americans, we are convinced that we are in control of our lives, our destiny.  Yet something as simple as the arrangement of our room, the lighting, the sounds around us, those around us–all this stuff can affect us radically (just study social psychology).  So let’s stop pretending that we have so much control over our lives and realize that submitting to God is certainly a decision of the will, but is really more of a realization.

Btw, props to akanekid.  I really enjoyed your reflections on male-female relationships and all the tangents that came with it.  I was going to post a discussion of that for our church’s “Dialogue”, but opted for something about cosmo girls and religion.  Oh well.  Just post a comment for akanekid.

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  1. Ya i always like a clean room to work in, and loud music, i just never have the time or idea to clean it…they should invent some thing to put things on the ceiling…so much space gone to waste….

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