1-year Old Wedding Cake

We ate our 1-year old wedding cake yesterday (well the top layer, that is).  Who ever came up with such an arbitrary tradition?

Anyhow, it was not too bad.  The cake itself was a bit dry, but the creme made up for it.  The lemon creme was a bit sweet for my taste, though.  We ate about half of it and threw the rest away.  How anti-climactic.

I also shared about our first year of marriage together at church–how it has shaped us, the way we read Scripture, the way we interact with people, etc.  This was my “Anniversary Sermon.”  It was sorta weird, because I kept wondering if the “sermon” was too autobiographical, too about us and not enough about God’s work in our lives.  I also was concerned that maybe I gave to rosy a picture of what marriage is like and how far we’ve progressed–though I must admit, I have extremely positive feelings of marriage thus far.  Anyways, the paranoia of a preacher.

6 thoughts on “”

  1. I really appreciated the sermon.  It really made me think about my upcoming marriage and how serious and wonderful all of it is. 
    Congratulations!  I shoulda gotten you guys an anniversary gift!

  2. hey brian i listened to the first half of the city on a hill series. really opened up my ears. and eyes. of course i gotta admit listening to these sermons on winamp isnt as great as sitting with the others and listenin to you live but i wont complain. i’m looking forward to your forthcoming sermons =)El Aniversario feliz!

  3. au contraire, i think that your sermon was a real life reflection of christian love and fellowship. i think it struck a chord with us all, specially those in relationships.

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