Happy Anniversary

…to me and my wife…it’s already been one year!

And it’s been a year of joy…not cherry pie, but joy.  We definitely had our selfish moments, our miscommunications, etc…but I look at the people that we are now and I see that we’ve definitely grown and matured.  Not just because we’ve done an adult thing, but in the messiness of marriage, we’ve been facing our own ugliness…and in this sobering reality, we’ve been challenged to either turn selfishly more into ourselves, or more courageously toward one another and God.

I have no wisdom to offer.  Hell, it’s only been one year.  It’s been a great year, but it’s only been one.  Maybe when we hit the big 2-5 we’ll have some wisdom to offer.  Funny though…some people treat me like I know a lot…and I foolishly play along…so flattered.  I’m such a dork.

But, at the same time, pastoring a congregation of three couples-to-be, I guess I do have to step up to some sort of wisdom…it’s not gonna be from my own experience, for sure, but it’s gotta be by faith…and by the authority given to my by Jesus.

If you’re into praying, please pray for me and YuYin.  If you know us, we’re a couple of crazies (not just for each other, but just crazy in general).  We love, submit, sacrifice, etc…but we also bicker, get angry, get selfish, get lazy.


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  1. hi sweetie, it’s me your yuihui. there should be a correction in your blog – of course i’m crazy for you!!  you should know that already.  love you!

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