Taxes DONE!

Strange…despite the fact that nearly every year, I am due a sizable tax refund, I never look forward to doing taxes.  With TurboTax on the Web, it is really quite easy, especially since all my info is stored online…they just transfer my info forward from year to year.  Still, I never look forward to doing taxes.

Interestingly enough, my effective federal tax rate was only 8.79%.  My state tax rate was only 1.23%.  I guess I shouldn’t complain about paying too much taxes…but then again, after both of these taxes, I still have to pay 8.25% sales tax.  Whatever…render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s…in the meanwhile, be thankful for clean water, clean air, and grumpy DMV employees.

Anyhow, this year of doing taxes was special…I filed “Married filing jointly.”  No there were no tingles (this is taxes, after all), but it felt sorta “official.”

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