Finally!  Someone who agrees with me about the “Passion…”

I wish I could articulate my feelings about the hoopla surrounding Mel Gibson’s latest film as well as Spencer Burke has.  But since I can’t, please read this.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still want to see it.  But as you read this article, you’ll see that…well, just read the article, please.

3 thoughts on “”

  1. I feel that people have been expecting the movie to do the work for them. Oh, I can take my friends to see a movie about Jesus… and then I won’t have to talk about him. A lot of them were disappointed on that account. I’ve heard many people “complain” that the movie didn’t tell the full story.Maybe you can go see the movie when it goes to the cheapie Milpitas theaters.

  2. yeappers people are giving the passion too much credit. its great movie n all but i’d much prefer the bible…O_O whoa hahah thats crasy but true. teehee at least the bible wouldn’t make me cry as hard as the movie did. n lately i’ve been gettin really cool daily bible verses that relate to my life =) im totally off topic so i’ll jus talk to you bout my lil thoughts some other time ^_^ have fun!

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