Stomach virus…food poison…not sure, but if feels terrible.  I thought it was just tiredness from my all-nighter Saturday night, but I got to feeling worse and worse…my stomach was feeling terrible…then my whole body started hurting…

Man, it sucks to be sick…and it only gets worse as you get older. 

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  1. Suck it up. I ate the same food as you on Saturday, so it can’t be that. Did you have the lunch on Sunday, because I had that as well. Must have been something you had Monday. Only 1 eprop for being sick.

  2. The eProps went away? Weird. I clicked on ‘Comment Only’ and the previous eProps disappeared (from the 2nd comment). Well, here are 2 eProps for messing everything up.

  3. I’m leaving you two eprops, but you have to share some of it with edmo for all the time he spent really paying attention to what was happening to the eprops there. I wonder why you can’t give negative eprops. that’s really just too bad

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