Following Up on my Sermon

So, this past Sunday, I was preaching on how seeking God first in everything affects how we approach love, sex, and relationships.

Ultimately, we concluded on three guiding norms:

  1. Look to God first for love

  2. Look to God first for relationship

  3. Look to God first for pleasure

As part of the sermon, we considered a few of my “friends” who were dealing with various issues regarding love, sex, and relationships. I solicited some help from the congregation as to how we could help them, given the three things we just learned. However, I didn’t really get much of a response. Part of it might have been that I wasn’t very clear, and also, they didn’t have much time.

Nonetheless, I think my sermon would be unfinished without helping my “friends”. So I wanna put my “friends” out there again and ask you guys to ask yourself, “If I were either or both of these people, how would I apply those three norms to help me navigate through this difficulty?”

Here are my “friends”:

Josh and Jessica – looking for an “significant other”

  • Josh – looking to have some fun, not looking for anything serious

  • Jessica – not getting any younger, wants to find a man to marry

Mark and Maggie – struggling with lust

  • Mark – thinks marriage isn’t for a while; looks at internet porn and lingerie ads and sometimes masturbates

  • Maggie – reads romance novels and Cosmo; fantasizes romance with both imaginary and real men

Dave and Dina – are dating

  • Just started dating a few months ago; in puppy love stage even though they insist that they’re not

  • Spend a lot of time going out, talking on the phone, writing letters, etc.

  • Are physically intimate, heavy petting, no sexual intercourse

Allen and Alyssa – are engaged

  • Allen – nervous about getting married

  • Alyssa – nervous about wedding plans

Bob and Brenda – are married

  • Lead busy lives, either working, socializing, or attending to chores

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  1. it’s hard to get responses on sensitive topics that people really actually relate. i like what you preach, perhaps i will take the invitation by mel and visit you guys one day. =)

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