MSG (“Mmm… So Good” – chana) and Other Health News

Do you have fears about MSG?  I read this interesting article.  Some people are very frightened of MSG.  Other people don’t care.  But the reality is, MSG is everywhere.

Do you take a multivitamin?  A new study reveals that it does not prevent against infections…unless you’re diabetic.  In fact, it significantly bolsters a diabetic’s immunity against infections.

Does Vitamin C = expensive pee?  Whenever I get fall ill, I am barraged with advice to OD on Vitamin C.  But an Australian study reports that Vitamin C has no significant effects in combating the cold.  Sorry, guys! 

Of course, medicine is always subject to new studies.  But until then, MSG, multivitamins, and Vitamin C are pretty much all the same.

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