The Forgotten Man

I confess that I’m an idiot
And I’m also blind as mice
You came through our doors
I shook with your former
I bid hello to your latter
But you I did not see
You I did not greet
The forgotten man

You took your proper seat
But I was looking for lost sheep
I was looking for seeking goats
And I set the lights for them
I set the seats for them
And you I did not see
The forgotten man

I feel so stupid
So far from grace
In my frenzy to stretch
In my frenzy to please
I passed over you
Like stale bread
The forgotten man

You hit me today
Red on white
I’m turning the other cheek
I don’t want to forget
What you said
“Remember me”
Because you meant it
With both hands you meant it

I’m trying, Lord
I left your house in search for something
Now I realize…I was looking for you
And found that you were home all along
I’m trying, Lord
I don’t want to treat you like
The forgotten man

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