Sunday and other Stuff

I preached again this Sunday, this time it was titled: “When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be a Macedonian”. Literally, about 25% of the people were asleep. I knew I shouldn’t have turned on the heater. Or is it my preaching…

Last week, I preached on the three things our church is focusing on for this year. I realize that I haven’t posted my outline yet. I could just post my rough outline, or I can refine it a bit first. I think I’ll do the latter.

I’ve been sneezing like crazing lately. I don’t know what it is. The slightest irritation and I’m firing off like a canon. And it hurts! It hurts my head and my shoulders for up to 10 seconds afterwards.

Reading two books right now (aside from my mountains of graduate school reading). First book is Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul by Richard B. Hays. This book addresses the controversy of how the Apostle Paul uses the OT in his writings. To a lot of people it looks like he is using it out of context. Very interesting stuff. Thanks, Paul for letting me borrow it…but the book makes me sneeze a lot for some reason. The second book is The Younger Evangelicals: Facing the Challenges of the New World by Robert E. Webber. It basically talks about people like me, who believe that it is still important to be evangelical, but we also need to change in order to be truer to what God intended and also to engage our new society more realistically.

I know, I know…not really books that other people would read…and very similar to the sort of books that I would read for my classes. I’m no nerd though (*snort* hehe *snort* hehe). At least I’m not recommending The Hermeneutical Spiral.

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